taxidermed and posed?

My Mama, who is lucky enough to currently be in Madagascar, keeps emailing those of us left behind pictures of lemurs. Normally I go ‘Awwww – look at the pretty lemur’, but today’s picture was a mite disturbing. Mouse actually skyped me from Stirling to ask if I thought its head was on the right way round, or if perhaps someone was playing a joke on his Grand-Mama, and it wasn’t really a real lemur at all?

stuffedWe came to the conclusion that someone had cut the head off one lemur and stuck it back onto a bigger lemur’s body back-to-front, but that’s just a theory…

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2 Responses to taxidermed and posed?

  1. Suburban Mum says:

    That really made me chuckle! Who knew they had such flexible necks!

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