an unexpected gift

I was busy collecting in consent forms from my Duke of Edinburgh group this morning (they’re camping this weekend) when I noticed one of the kids was standing in the queue with a grin on his face and one hand behind his back. When he got to the front of the queue, wutheringhe handed over his consent form with the other hand, and said “Miss, I’ve got a present for you from my Mum.” I had fleeting (very fleeting) ideas that he might have a bunch of flowers, or a packet of chocolate digestives… but no, he produced with a flourish, a very, very old library copy of Wuthering Heights. It was due back in 1982, which is long before I started working here. It was issued on a Browne issue system for goodness sake – or to be exact, not issued, because the card was still in it!

I told him, kindly, that his Mum could keep it – it really doesn’t meet my stock selection criteria any more. And then I went into my office and giggled for about twenty minutes!

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