We were meant to be doing useful stuff today, like gardening and sorting out the paperwork which has got to the point where if you knock it over, you could bury a small child… Luckily we don’t have small children anymore, so when we woke up to blustery squalls rattling barely unfrozen rain against the windows we decided to go out instead. We headed for the blue bit of sky, unfortunately it moved before we got there.Hare at Harestanes

We went to Harestanes, which has things made out of wood (and a Tim Stead exhibition) for Handsome, and a leather crafter for me ( I may have got an early wedding anniversary present… I may not have allowed Handsome to buy a fifteen thousand pound table), and gorgeous views for both of us. And very, very close to Harestanes is my favourite independent bookshop – Mainstreet in St Boswells – so we had to have lunch there as well.

It was so much better than staying at home and doing the paperwork, or gardening in the rain.


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