• An unfilled space or interval; a gap
  • A missing portion in a book or manuscript

How to recap the last three weeks? The weather finally got a bit warmer – apart from last Monday, when we had hailstones the size of duck-eggs. Really. Oh and Tuesday, when Lettucesthere was snow on the car in the morning. Anyway, it has been warm enough for things to start to grow, so I’ve been planting and potting on and all those technical things that people with greener fingers than me do. However, I suspect that I’m going to have to keep most of the salads in the greenhouse or the propagators anyway, because we have RABBITS. They are cute, but have already voraciously attacked the lollo rosso and salad bowl planted outside. They don’t appear to like rocket? Luckily I do, so I have planted extra.

Peppers and courgettes and sage and parsley and marigoldsWe took Mouse out for lunch with his girlfriend, and he showed us his new flat (from the outside only) on the way back. We are moving him in in two weeks time, there is potential for fraughtness, because he can’t move in to the new place until the 1st of June, and he has to be out of halls by 9:30am that day (they are knocking down his garret on the 4th June). We should be able to move him in about two runs, and it’s not too far so if we have to do extra runs someone can just stand on the pavement with all his worldly possessions.

Blossom has finished all her exams, and they went well – I am so happy for her.

Handsome and I pre-walked our Bronze Group’s expedition route (to check it out) and discovered that:Br Ex Sat 25th May 2013

a) the mud in the forest has developed to the point where you could lose a tractor in it (I had a tantrum half way through, it is truly horrible mud).

b) there is a dead and decaying sheep at a point where even the most squeamish kid will not be able to avoid fairly close proximity to it – I foresee hysterics, and

c) the new forestry road at the end of their first day involves a diversion to their route.

We have prewarned them about the mud and the forestry road; we thought it was best to let them find the sheep themselves!

Handsome went on a course that involved him spending two days at a Smithy – he thoroughly enjoyed himself, but he came home completely exhausted having spent the entire time hitting bits of molten metal with big hammers. He made a massive toasting fork Leaf(I don’t quite know what we’re going to do with that, it’s not as if it’s dry enough to barbecue in Scotland just now, and given the size of the thing we would need to be barbecuing a small pig), a rather nice candlestick with a candy twist on the stem and a twirly bit on the bottom for it to stand on, and a really pretty solid iron leaf, with a hole in the stem to thread something through. Theoretically I could wear it around my neck, but I suspect it would drag me down… one of my colleagues suggested using it as a cake slice for fairy cakes, and I though it could be a door knocker for a Wendy house… but it has ended up being strung on the side of my handbag as a very attractive although somewhat heavy charm.

Next time I decide to be lazy for three weeks I’ll keep notes to make it easier!

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2 Responses to lacuna

  1. mumof4 says:

    I was just told of a sonar plug in thingy that has a screech that wards off rabbits. Friend, in her 70s assures me it works…..

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