winged invaders

We have starlings nesting in the eaves all around our house (eaves sounds a bit posh actually, they’re probably just sofit boards) which leaves me in a bit of a mixed state of mind. I like having wild birds in the garden – I feed them, and watch them and worry about them, particularly the wrens in the wood heap which I feel are a bit too close to ground level to be safe. I can even find time sometimes to admire the rooks in the adjoining rookery, especially when they’re wheeling through the trees in that amazingly acrobatic way where they always look as though they’re about to hit a branch or a trunk just before they dodge it.

I remember watching something last year all about how starlings are becoming endangered, and how we should encourage them, and we have on occasion stopped the car to watch the starlings murmurating over the village rooftops in the evenings…

But (very small voice) I don’t like them nesting in my roof. They are messy, and noisy and numerous, and they rattle in the walls and roof space at night and make my spine shiver in case they get inside (which I do know is impossible). I thought we’d fixed the problem last year, when we had the guttering and sofit boarding fixed, but the little avians have obviously circumvented that, and are quite happily nesting in the roof again in their droves. Ah well, I suppose I’m being hypocrital, because I certainly don’t have any issues with the swallows which nest right above the back door and chirrup at us as we go in and out – although to be fair they don’t require us to change where we park the car so that it’s not on a flight path.

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3 Responses to winged invaders

  1. dderbydave says:

    It may sound harsh but wouldn’t a cat sort this problem out?. It would scare them off and probably wouldn’t catch many.

    • We used to have a cat, unfortunately he came off worst in a fight with a fox a couple of years ago. Casper was really, really good at managing to drag whole (occasionally alive) rabbits through the cat flap, but I’m afraid he did nothing at all for the starlings!

      • dderbydave says:

        shame. Ours are adept at bringing the remains home. Can’t chastise them because they just do more to try and impress us!

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