Anyone up for a hug?

My eldest son proposed to his girlfriend, Blossom yesterday – on his knees in one of their favourite places. I am so proud of him for being properly romantic! And then they phoned me up to tell me, (I was at work, and there was a cleaners’ meeting going on) and I could actually hear over the phone that they were grinning from ear to ear like Cheshire Cats. So naturally I had to grin from ear to ear as well, and be very noisily enthusiastic, and I was told by one of the cleaners that I was bouncing up and down too.

That probably wouldn’t have been a pretty sight.

I am fantastically delighted, I am so exceptionally exuberant that I don’t even have the right words for it, and Handsome is on a school trip, so I have no-one to hug… I considered going out into the street and hugging random strangers, but the area we live in is too small, so people would know who I was and I might get a reputation. I will just have to wait until tomorrow night when I can hug Handsome, and Saturday night when I can hug Hairy and Blossom. They’ll need to watch out, I’ll have a lot of pent-up hugs in me by then.

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1 Response to Anyone up for a hug?

  1. dderbydave says:

    Great news! Virtual hugs all round.

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