It’s just my busy time of year – or one of them

We now have two expeditions finished, and have suddenly realised that our own walking holiday is just around the corner… well not literally, it’s in Devon and we’re in Scotland, but time wise? It’s a bit closer than I realised. I read through the itinerary tonight, and we’ve had the guidebook and maps for a while, so we have checked out the route, but all of this walk is new to me, and quite a bit of it is new to Handsome (even although he comes from down there) so it’s exciting, and has potential for getting lost. Getting lost is only an excuse for exploring and having an adventure, after all.

We leave on Saturday, and I will not be taking any form of electronic internet accessing device with me – because that’s the point of a holiday, isn’t it? I don’t count my gps which is the walking OS map type, not the turn left at the next roundabout type and is necessary for afore-mentioned adventures, or my ereader which is absolutely essential to allow me carry enough books to keep me going for two weeks! I have spent an inordinate amount of time (and money) in recent evenings finding new books to read – hopefully I won’t be so tired every evening that I just collapse into bed at half past seven…

Birks of AberfeldyIn between being busy we managed to find time to go and see Blossom after her graduation – she looked lovely, all traditional and incredibly happy – and after they had all done their bit of pageantry and paraded around the quadrangle in gowns and dignity, we went for dinner with her parents and Hairy. Now the two of them need to spend a summer doing some serious job-hunting.

And after a really late start and a very long winter, I have courgettes in the garden that are actually big enough to eat – just as we’re about to go away!

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