Crossing in the middle

We didn’t take any of the kids on holiday with us this year; we couldn’t persuade them that they wanted to walk over a hundred miles in eight days, so they chose not to come. I’m sure they would have had fun… really I am. I sent them post cards, proper traditional post cards that I wrote with a pen, stuck a stamp on and posted in various postboxes with VR Postboxdifferent monarch’s initials on. We saw VR, GR and ER on this walk, some were embedded in old walls and others buried in ivy. I don’t have anything against the iPad post card per se, but they’re all about the photo you’ve taken – I like my postcards to be bought in little shops and post offices and to have quite naff pictures on, and I enjoy writing them, usually in pubs…

Anyway, I missed having the kids with me (hence all those post cards) so it was extra special when they all wanted to come home and see us this week. It’s just a shame that they couldn’t manage to all be here at the same time! Blossom and Hairy came during the week, but had to go home on Saturday and Mouse couldn’t come until Saturday, but is staying for the rest of the week (he’s busy making my broadband narrower as I type). We had the interesting situation on Saturday where the train taking Hairy and Blossom to Glasgow pulled out of the station and (before it was out of sight) passed the one bringing Mouse from Stirling. They waved.

Mouse can apparently cope with public transport when he is given no choice.

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1 Response to Crossing in the middle

  1. mumof4 says:

    I can’t imagine the day the kids won’t be coming with us on holiday (note I didn’t say that the won’t choose to come…) The 15 year old is already not really there in spirit….

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