Can we fix it?

We’ve had an almost-but-not-quite broken printer for some time now… It used to work on the network, so I could print to it from my laptop, but it hasn’t done that for some time, which meant that I had to email anything I wanted to print to myself and then pick it up from the big PC – which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but usually meant dislodging a husband or child from some forum or game…

It was a good printer once, but it has been steadily going downhill for a few years in that kind of gradual way where you just put up with it (particularly as we had a whole load of spare cartridges due to a three-for-one deal). It went from full colour, to everything sort of pinkish, to really only printing things which were mostly black and white and blue. It ate a lot of paper as well, and we still kept putting up with it. But, while we were on holiday, it died completely. We think it may have got too hot.

So, today, having an hour or two free, I decided to use my totally untechnical skills and have a look. I ran every single procedure recommended by the manufacturer, and then I went onto the internet and tried everything suggested by anyone who had ever tried to fix one of these printers before… And then I replaced all the bits and switched it on.

It didn’t work.

In fact, it didn’t work in a much more emphatic way than it hadn’t worked three hours previously. Now it makes a kind of grounchy noise when you ask it to print, and the error light comes on immediately afterwards. On the plus side, I have now broken it so completely that there is no way we can continue to ignore the fact that it’s not working properly. Tomorrow we are going to buy a new printer – it will be wireless and it will work.

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One Response to Can we fix it?

  1. mumof4 says:

    I should not even comment on printers as even my very presence – albeit thr blogworld, will make it totally useless (well more than you’ve left it).
    We’ve tried all sorts. Cheap ones, basic model, just B&W ones, the full scanner/fax/does everything model – and when they go wrong they never really inspire confidence. In our house we have 4 printers and still there is a panic sometimes when things need printing off for school and there is an issue. It is no longer paperjams but unexplained issues. The only common thread is Hubby going nuts and blaming the kids. Of course I say it wasn’t them but then 35 pictures of Smurfs in the queue gives the game away.
    Nothing more frustrating than having bought a bumper deal of ink cartridges and THEN having the machine go nuts and need the bin…….

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