…life is a bowl of cherries. I have one of those, or to be more specific I had one of those, now I have a half-full bowl of cherries. They were ridiculously expensive because I refused point blank to buy American cherries at half the price when I know that the British cherry harvest this year was hugely successful and that therefore UK cherries should be available… they are, but only if you go to three different places before you give up and are prepared to pay twice as much.

How ridiculous.

Really I should have just not bought the cherries at all, but it is September today and it feels like the end of summer because it’s windy and wild outside. The road is strewn with bits of tree and I had to light the woodburner to get the house warm this afternoon; it was dark and I drew the lounge curtains at half past eight. Bah.

I just wanted to celebrate summer before it left us completely, so I am celebrating with cherries. British cherries.

Bowl of Cherries

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One Response to Apparently…

  1. mumof4 says:

    Well we don’t get UK cherries over here….but I will see whether the cherries for sale are even from this country.
    I ENVY your weather. It is still hot here and despite my 17 years here, September to me should be back to school time and turning cold with a bit of wind/rain and the heating kicking in.

    I miss the UK weather!!! Mad but true!

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