They were all born a long time after 1971

I had to go and borrow a tape measure from the jannies today, so that a rather charming and terribly sincere fourteen-year-old girl could work out exactly how far from One Direction she had been at their recent concert – ‘It was about from here to the wall over there, Miss, how far do you think that is?’. I made her estimate while I went to get it, it’s probably good for her numeracy skills…

I had to stay outside the library until I’d finished giggling.

She reckoned she’d been about ten feet away from the stage, but when we measured it, her identified distance was five and a half metres, so that’s what she wrote in her essay – after we’d measured, remeasured, tripped over helpful classmates and had a discussion about why she had to write it down in metric units rather than imperial.

I don’t think I’ll ever find my job boring…

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