Surprise apples

I thought that my four apple trees (two Discovery and two Russet) had failed me for the third year in a row. Although they always have blossom, the high winds in Spring and the large number of chaffinch and bullfinches in my garden (they eat the buds) mean that actual fruit is a bit of a rarity. But, while I was stripping the rest of the chillies off the plants in the greenhouse I noticed an apple on one of the russet trees, so I went out and had a closer look. There are about ten in total, although they’re not ready to pick yet – they must have been hiding from me.

I feel a little bit like cheering.

The chillies are going into oil – the plants won’t survive the first frost even in the greenhouse, and my kitchen windowsill is already full of chilli plants. The oil preserves the chillies and gives us chilli oil as a side benefit. All good, apart from the bit where I was so excited about the apples that I forgot I had been picking chillies and rubbed my eyes…

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