Cautionary Tale

oh no!This is why you should never, never, never leave your ereader inside your rucksack and then allow your husband to sit on said rucksack… Although I didn’t know he was going to sit on it! The worst bit is that I’m going to London on Wednesday morning with a school trip, and I had spent the last week downloading new books to read for the enormously long and potentially very boring coach journeys.

Luckily, because Handsome is a wonderful person (sook, sook, sook) we went out and bought me a new one this morning. He knows that I wouldn’t survive five days away without an awful lot of things to read. Also, he’s the one who sat on it in the first place.

Fly AgaricWe were walking with the Gold DofE group yesterday, on a gorgeously autumnal day. There were masses of mushrooms under the trees (including some of the really poisonous but very photogenic type) and the hillsides were golden with fern leaves and purple with heather. The sun shone (sometimes) and the wind was a mere breeze, in fact it would have been a perfect day if I had had much time to look around and enjoy it. However, we Inflatablewere trailing a particularly long-legged, fast-paced set of young people. I could not keep up. In fact, when we finally arrived at the minibus about half an hour behind them, they looked as though they’d been for a daunder round the park, and I must have looked as though I’d been for a marathon through the hills – red-faced, out of breath – it felt a little like being a toddler trying to keep up with the grown-ups! Next time I think I’ll wait in the bus with my book.

I have seen some strange things on walks, but never before have I seen an inflatable saxophone taped to a signpost…

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One Response to Cautionary Tale

  1. mumof4 says:

    Noooo!!!!! But glad he got you a new one!
    Did you get to the bottom of the saxophone? A treasure hunt clue perhaps?

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