Question query

How come when I take the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh introductory meeting the little darlings ask me all sorts of challenging and original questions, some of which I don’t have adequate answers for… and when someone else takes the meeting, they all sit there like trained seals, nodding and shaking their heads, and not asking any questions at all, let alone difficult ones?

And then, after the visiting speaker has disappeared, it’s suddenly like Brain of Britain Scotland – ‘Miss, will the puppy be walking with us?’, ‘Miss, can I do juggling as my skill?’, ‘Miss, which bit of the form does my Mum sign?’, ‘Miss, I forgot about the meeting, am I too late?’…

Some of last year’s Bronzes (our Silver Group this year) were sitting in on the meeting, so they could answer questions from a participant’s point of view. They were very scathing afterwards, in the way that fifteen-year-olds who have forgotten that they were ever fourteen themselves can be. I charitably refrained from reminding them that they had asked very similar questions a year ago!

Survival of the fittest was not mentioned, nor yet the Hunger Games and trial-by-first-to-bring-the-forms-back, but once again we had way more kids at the meeting than we have space on minibus seats.

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2 Responses to Question query

  1. mumof4 says:

    Because they trust you and feel at ease asking you the questions that visiting speaker is too scary to be asked? I think it shows they think you’re more ‘one of them’ and that’s sort of an honour (albeit a bit cumbersome)?

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