Ninety seven decibels

Oh I love my husband, but really, he can be so annoying! I tend not to switch the TV on unless I want to watch something – most of the time I would rather read or surf… Handsome switches it on as a default position, and then, because he finds it soporific, he falls asleep and snores. Handsome snores very loudly.

Tonight, when I particularly wanted to watch something, he fell asleep in about five seconds flat. So I got up, switched off the TV and picked up my stuff to move down to the electronic playroom… Of course he promptly woke up (making that ‘I wasn’t really asleep’ smurfly noise) and said ‘It’s OK, I’m awake now’. I sat down again, three seconds later he was snoring.

My mistake was switching the TV off – I didn’t do that the second time.

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