reading and readers

I have been rereading things recently – The Regeneration trilogy by Pat Barker because I was asked by a very nice seventeen year old boy if I would help him with an essay. I’d only meant to read the first one, but I had forgotten how good they are, and ended up reading all three. Annoyingly the student didn’t enjoy Regeneration at all, and in fact had struggled to understood most of it. I suggested he wrote his essay on something else and made some suggestions, but I think he felt that he’d done enough reading for this year… Sigh.

20131114-225214.jpgOn the other hand, I am currently reading The Book Thief (also for the second time) because one of my super-readers read it and absolutely raved about it. She read it in advance of the film coming out, and then found out that the film does not hit the UK until January – we are both quite disappointed about that – so we had to sit down and have a fifteen-minute breakdown of the book, with an in depth discussion of our favourite bits. She reminded me how good it was, and also of how much I had recommended it to others when I first read it. She’s even making me a poster about it for the library door!

I really do love my job – I thoroughly enjoyed lunchtime today with my one-girl book group, and although I could have wished for more enthusiasm from the late essay boy (that is late in the sense of behind time, you understand) I did quite enjoy the look on his face when he realised that I wasn’t just going to tell him what to write…

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2 Responses to reading and readers

  1. mumof4 says:

    Have you read ‘Wonder’? It is a big teen hit over here – perhaps aimed at younger readers than the 17 year old you mentioned but my son loved it…

    • I loved Wonder and it’s hugely popular in my library. Like The Fault in Our Stars, it goes out as soon as it comes back from the previous reader. There are so many great books for kids these days…

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