You know you’re at home when someone else does your washing for you…

I think what I love most about this time of year is having my kids home – all of them, including those who have been added into the family.

I really loved Blossom asking me about which birds were hanging off the garden feeders, and then when I found her a bird book, eagerly identifying what she could see. I suspect she and Hairy don’t see much wildlife from their second floor Glasgow flat – although they certainly couldn’t afford the quantity of birdseed we get through here, so it’s probably just as well. Hairy helped Mouse set up his new PC, and they all played games together (very complicated and not always parentally suitable games) and they taught me how to play one of the ones I got Blossom and Hairy for Christmas. I won. I’m not sure whether they let me. There is a strong competitive gene in my family, so that wouldn’t normally be the case, but certainly there was a lot of being helpful to the old woman at the table going on…

Mouse got given a selection of delicacies (for his outlandish cooking habit) packed in a box full of real rather than polystyrene popcorn – I suspect we’ll be feeding the birds popcorn later in the week, if I have time, I might even get the kids to put it onto strings for the bluetits. Hairy and Blossom had to go back to Glasgow yesterday so that Blossom could go to work, but they’ll be back for New Year, so there’ll be plenty of time for bird-crafts then.

Mouse was playing his guitar in his room earlier today – trying out the capo that Santa brought him on some Civil Wars (my CD which he pinched) tunes. It sounded pretty good, recognisable too! I miss the constant music that fills the house when Mouse is away. He plays it, strums it, sings, whistles and hums it – always noisy. I do not, however, miss the loud teenage gamer shouting that is currently happening in the electronic playroom, as Mouse catches up with his friends online. How can someone who likes gentle acoustic music also like electronically maiming people with broadswords? It doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

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One Response to You know you’re at home when someone else does your washing for you…

  1. dderbydave says:

    Lovely peep into your Xmas and life with the kids. Thank you

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