I’ve commented often enough about the paucity of the lighting in the climbing arena at Ratho, particularly at this time of year, when we have short days and cannot really climb during daylight hours at all. I may have made the occasional joke about the need to wear a head-torch on the bad days… Yesterday, I had just reached the top of a climb when all the lights went out. Completely. And my head torch was in my bag at the bottom!

20140104-162046.jpgHandsome lowered me safely to the ground, and the bloke on the climb next to me, who had not reached the top, finished his climb on ‘dark’ coloured holds, as obviously he could no longer pick out the individual green ones. There were, of course, safety lights and with true climber mentality, everyone just kept on climbing – in fact, I reckon people were making sure they were going upwards to get their last climbs in before the management closed the arena (which did happen).

Unfortunately, according to EICA’s website, it appears to have been vandalism. How annoying. Hopefully they’ll catch the people responsible, tie them up with spare rope and suspend them from the quarry roof… By the carabiners.

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One Response to Payback

  1. I’d have been scared silly! Let that be a lesson to you never to leave your head-torch at the bottom! Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

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