Domestic Goddess

What is the best way of dealing with an overflowing ironing basket? Or the forty nine items on my things-to-do list, which include such gems as ‘Clear Mouse’s hair out of the shower plug-hole’ and ‘Check when the next family dentist appointment is’? This is the best way…

lowther hillsSo, Handsome and I abandoned the gardening, housework and any sense of responsibility and walked up three hills today (although two of them were those kind of cheating hills where you’ve already made the height and you just have to do a bit of a dip down and up again. The views were stunning – you could see hills to the horizon in all directions (it was necessary to look past the radio dishes and aerials in order to look at the views) and the weather stayed dry and even reasonably warm. But what you can’ t actually see from the photos is that the wind was so fierce and blustery that it felt at times as if you were almost being bludgeoned by it – like when I was trying to take photographs whilst hanging on to a trig point to avoid actually being blown back down the hill I had just climbed.

We came back down with our ears ringing, it was quite a relief when we dropped beneath the level of tumultuous wind noise and just into the slightly breezy bottom stretches – and I still haven’t done the ironing, but I got to see those views instead.

  •  Wanlockhead, Lowther Hill, Green Lowther and East Mount Lowther – 14.4km, which makes a total so far of 92km (according to Handsome who is doing the adding up).
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One Response to Domestic Goddess

  1. muminamerc says:

    Good for you. Ironing can always wait. I don’t blame you. Beautiful views and you’ll have burnt more calories with the wind surely?

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