Assorted wildlife…

Squirrel proof bird-feeders – they look pretty, and we certainly don’t have a squirrel problem… image But they don’t work against the rooks, because the rooks are really clever. They grasp the cage bit with their claws (talons?) and pull the whole thing horizontal so that the seeds and nuts fall on the ground. Isn’t that amazing? The result is that we always have hordes of birds underneath the feeders as well as inside them. When the round feeder is right-ways-up, it’s often full of sparrows and chaffies who crowd around the nuts and barge each other out of the way as they feed – on the ground there are blackbirds and starlings, and this morning there was the most beautifully proud pale, speckled thrush.

Then the fat bunnies come along and eat anything left over – I always thought they only ate green stuff, but they seem to be happy with birdseed too. And to finish off there are Next Door’s feral chickens, who appear to eat anything… one of them had a shot at my bright blue plastic kneel mat the other day, and they obviously think that I planted dill in the pots by the back door just for them!

But we don’t have hoopoes. I only wish we did.

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