Red spots in the morning? Must be the midges in Glen Quaich.

Glen Quaich, Loch FreuchieAnd relax… Gingerbread roof, Croftmills

That’s the Silver Expedition done and dusted and although we still have the Gold and Bronze Expeditions to go, neither of them are actually my responsibility – I’m just a hanger on and helper for them so there’s no stress. Most of the kids we took seem to still be speaking to me – even the one who had a hitherto unknown allergy to midge bites. These kids are magic. They spent three days walking thirty miles in alternating torrential thundery rain and scorching hot sunshine. They wild camped in the part of Perthshire where midges are actually created (I swear it’s true, I won’t even look at it on a map without feeling itchy). Some of them (two groups out of three) had some navigationally interesting diversions… which might have added a few miles more than they actually needed to walk!

The biggest whinge I had all weekend was the lack of ‘phone signal – apparently there was some big football competition going on and some of them were a little upset that they couldn’t check the scores? This may have been the same competition that led Handsome and another of my walking colleagues to peer at big screens through pub windows in Aberfeldy like the proverbial small boys with sweetshop windows!

Despite this, and the sunburn and bites and sore feet, the kids were cheerful and full of stories in school today – and asking when they could Amphibian in the daisiesstart Gold…

I have never known how you tell the difference between frogs and toads – but this fellow strolled out from beneath my groundsheet when we were taking the tent down on Sunday morning – perhaps he was sheltering from the rain, or more likely the sunshine. He was totally unconcerned by us as he casually strolled away amongst the daisies to find another patch of shade.

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1 Response to Red spots in the morning? Must be the midges in Glen Quaich.

  1. muminamerc says:

    Glad you all survived (the midges). I can just imagine the walkers stopping to try and glimpse the football results through the pub windows.

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