Twitchy passenger

Handsome is a dreadful passenger – he sits there and twitches, winces, flinches, brakes… But it doesn’t matter, I still drove us to Peebles. We had a plan to go for a nice gentle flat walk alongside the river Tweed, so that if his back twinged too much we could just turn around and go for coffee in the town centre (which has a choice of very acceptable coffee shops). Well, we started off on that path, and then Handsome decided that he could probably manage as far as Glentress, which was fine because a) they have coffee and b) there are bikes to look at. Not something that I particularly appreciate, but Handsome likes to covet other people’s bikes…

After coffee (and walnut cake) he decided that we would not either retrace our steps or get the bus back, both of which were perfectly reasonable options, but we would instead carry on up through the walkers paths in Glentress (lots of the bikers don’t even know they exist), so we headed on to the Buzzard’s nest car park and back down Janet’s Brae to Peebles – so much for a gentle flat stroll! His back seems to be OK… although he did let me drive him back as well.

  • Peebles circular via Glentress – longer than expected at 11.4 km
  • Cumulative total 138.8 km

Walk 5.7.14 And today we went and had lunch in a pub in the sunshine – mussels and chips – fantastic!

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