Season of mists…

Today was a holiday for us, some sort of September pagan ritual lost in the mists of time no doubt, so we celebrated by taking three tents in for repair. The little darlings are rough on kit, and interestingly it’s never ever their fault, the tent is always damaged when they got it (even although I check it before it goes out!) The only tent repair place in Central Scotland is in Musselburgh, which is on the East Coast, so we reckoned at least we’d be able to do a bit of coastal path, or possibly John Muir Way after the chores…

The rain hit us about fifteen feet from the front door. By the time we were the other side of Edinburgh it was quite obvious that those mists of time were fully and firmly settled in for the day and we weren’t going to be able to see a thing through the Haar – so we went for a walk anyway.

Gullane Point
We walked to Gullane Point where we could hear the sea quite clearly beneath us although we had to go right to the edge to see it, and then we walked back along the sands of Aberlady Bay. Through the mist we saw sea buckthorn (which I had to look up because I didn’t know what it was), a small lost frog, eider ducks, redshanks and golfers. As Handsome said, they must have had luminous balls…

7.3km, although walking through the sand was hard, and I probably deserve more kilometerage for it!

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One Response to Season of mists…

  1. muminamerc says:

    Beautiful photos again by the way. When you said the distance from the front door when the rain started I thought, “Oh glad they didn’t get wet then!” – but realised you were just setting off!!!
    Good luck for Thursday btw.

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