Blossom would be proud of me

I haven’t knitted since the last time I needed a World Book Day costume and I went as the knitting sheep from Alice Through The Looking Glass – and that particular piece of craft was intentionally all dropped stitches and loops. Today, however, one of our students was selling (for poppyscotland) a choice of a hand knitted poppy, or the pattern she had made them from.

imageI bought the pattern, because she said it was easy. We may have a slightly different definition of easy… or perhaps I am more rusty than I thought. I’m finding this quite challenging! Also, I think the abbreviations have changed since I last did this – I had to look up psso and 2tw. It’s like code-breaking.

Two petals done, three and some sewing to go. I will attempt to finish this one poppy – there is absolutely no way I will be making more, and I am full of admiration for the student who had a whole box full, all prettily wrapped in tissue paper.

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2 Responses to Blossom would be proud of me

  1. Looking rather lovely so far…

  2. muminamerc says:

    Hope you post a photo when you are finished! (No time limit…)

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