Time to stop being cosy…

I’ve been remarkably domesticated recently, but as we head towards darker, colder and wetter days (dark at 4:30pm today and a current amber warning for heavy rain overnight), we start our walking with other people’s children season…

It aways seems quite mad and more than a bit masochistic that we do all our DofE training walks in winter, but there are some very good reasons for it, mostly the sheer number of walks we need to fit in. We are not allowed to camp with the kids between October and March because of night-time temperatures (although we’ve been out below freezing in April before now). The older students have exams in May and June, and we have to do a Practice Expedition and a Qualifying Expedition with at least a month between them, and we have three groups, Bronze, Silver and Gold. That’s six weekends between April and July, avoiding all exam dates – so everything else has to be dealt with before that.

Which means that on Saturday, by which time I really hope it has stopped raining, I will be checkpointing three groups of Silver kids at the bottom of a hill (they go over, I go around), and making sure they turn right… and right again. And hopefully not having to run after anyone to make them check their map

I love it really.

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