Functionally innumerate

As the daughter of a statistician and an engineer, I have always felt slightly queasily guilty about my inability to cope with numbers. I sometimes claim to be slightly discalculic, but it’s not really true –  neither is it, as Handsome says (rather dismissively) laziness. Anyway, what this boils down to is that last week was my audit – a quantitative survey, which has no relationship to what I actually do during my working day, but which does require me to count everything. How many people use the area, how many chairs I have, how many books go out, how much money I have, how many classes are booked in…. And so on. It took me hours to do all the numbers, largely because even if I use a calculator or a computer, I always end up with at least four different totals and have to start again. My real grump about all of this is that there is nowhere in this inflexible system to record the qualitative aspect – the time I spent with individual students – helping with homework, or research skills, or just talking about books and encouraging them to read.

Rant over.

On Sunday Handsome and I went for a walk at New Lanark – I have a new camera to experiment with – new to me that is – so I kept stopping to take pictures, but it was still good to walk up the falls and back. I was quite pleased with some of the pictures too. Although I definitely have to experiment more with the settings, it coped much better with the fog than my small point-and-click camera would.

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