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a different kind of evening out

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day and tonight I went to a presentation given by two sixth year students about the importance of not forgetting. Earlier this year they took part in the Lessons from Auschwitz Project run by the Holocaust … Continue reading

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I don’t often blog about work but…

… today, one of the students who writes book reviews for my library blog came in to see me. She’s a very sophisticated young lady, who is usually quite cool and reserved – this morning she was rather more excitable … Continue reading

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going ’round in circles

I have a small and completely insurmountable problem at work at the moment; the main programme I use to manage my library and everything I do is not working, and hasn’t been since last Monday, the day when the IT … Continue reading

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left hand, right hand.

Today two workmen arrived at my place of work. They ignored me (the only person there) completely and started taking the main entrance doors off the hinges. I went and asked them why. They said that, the doors were sticking … Continue reading

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