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sometimes the plan is better than the reality

We had a plan for today… Mouse required an uplift from university (he has a week’s break – when did universities start having half-term holidays?) as his dirty washing mountain would apparently require it’s own train ticket. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Triple rainbow

Seen from the kitchen windows tonight (whilst trying to work out which way up a drawer mechanism went). Unfortunately it means it’s raining again.. Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight, yellow sky at night, raining by morning’s light. All the … Continue reading

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Summer of the sandbags

It has now rained here for thirty days… Every morning I have the challenge of whether to wear my never-quite-dry walking boots to paddle to the car, or whether to roll up my jeans and wear my walking sandals (which … Continue reading

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weather whinge

I do live in the UK so it’s perfectly all right, and in fact almost expected, that my main topic of conversation should sometimes be the weather. Today is the longest day – in Scotland, at this time of year … Continue reading

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going on about the weather again

Yesterday we were in Glasgow. The sun shone quite warmly as we meandered around the glasshouses in the botanic gardens; it was certainly hot enough for them to have opened all the air vents in the Kibble Palace (such a … Continue reading

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normal service will resume shortly

Assuming that the large amount of snow and the incredibly cold temperatures we have had for the last two years are not normal; that is ignoring the 'New Ice Age' theory (I know, Geographers know better!) we have returned to … Continue reading

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… the temperature is due to get above freezing tomorrow. That'll make a change!

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