sculpture parks and traveling randomly

Left after breakfast this morning with lots of snotty kisses from Cutesocks. He even climbed into the front seat of the car in an attempt to kiss Mouse goodbye, but Mouse was having none of it. Fourteen-year-olds don't do kisses, even from their little cousins. Cutesocks, after initially being quite wary of Mouse has grown quite fond of him, and in revenge, Mouse has taught him several new words from Warhammer – totally unsuitable for an eighteen-month-old to run around the house shouting 'krute' and 'nemesis'.

We went back to the sculpture park at Goodwood this morning – got there at about 10am to find that it doesn't open until 10:30… we nearly turned around and went away, but instead we went for morning coffee at a (very posh) pub down the road. I'm glad we didn't go away, it's an amazing place. All the sculptures are set in woodland, and you follow a map to find your way around, only it's more like a treasure hunt than a map, because it's done by written instructions and squiggly yellow arrows (which are also sculptures).

It was an interesting experience, because we all liked different things. Mouse thoroughly enjoyed it which quite surprised me.


We went on to Arundel for lunch – not hugely impressed.

After that we headed off for Penn – by the scenic route. Handsome decided that he didn't want to touch motorway, so we picked up one A road after another. I'm not sure that it saved us any time at all and it was really very stressful trying to do intricate navigation on a huge road map!

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